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Hongyuan Petroleum and Gas Group Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in oil equipment manufacturing, oil equipment maintenance, Petroleum materials, international trade and petroleum engineering and technical services in one of the diversified businesses. Group is headquartered in Beijing Beijing-Kazakhstan high-speed and East six ring interchange, convenient transportation and beautiful environment. Built a modern office building, professional oil equipment maintenance workshop, warehouse and dormitory, covers an area of 20,000 square meters. Hongyuan Petroleum Group has been focused on the oil field market, for the majority of domestic and foreign oil field customers to provide professional supplies and technical services. In the country, Hongyuan Petroleum Group has set up seven maintenance service centers and eight offices, maintenance range covers the engine, torque converter, top drive, motor, frequency cabinet, SCR room, crane, mud pump, workover rig, fracturing, drilling rig and so on

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  • Service Introduction

    Provide professional power transmission system, hydraulic system, control system matching design, on-site inspection and maintenance of vehicle, assembly, greatly reducing the user downtime. Include: ...

  • Technical services and support

    Include: maintenance overhaul and modification of engine assembly, gear box and torque converter; the whole fracturing truck (including fracturing, sand car, car dashboard, manifold truck) overhaul an...

  • Service Cases

    Beijing Hongyuan company and CNPC - the Great Wall drilling - Kenya project department signed the Carter 3512A unit overhaul contract. Our company has dispatched 3 technical backbone maintenance teams...

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The country has seven comprehensive maintenance centers and eight offices

Hongyuan Petroleum and Gas Group Co.,Ltd. Has established seven repair plants in Beijing, qinghai oilfield, dagang oilfield, changqing oilfield, liaohe oilfield, jidong oilfield and daqing oilfield.Eight offices have been set up in tuha oilfield, yuen oilfield, tanggu, dunhuang, xi 'an, tang hai, routeing, and wu.Provide on-site for customers such as petrochina, cnooc and sinopec Technical service。

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